Architect Stefan Ludes

1962 born in Dorsten/North Rhine Westphalia
1984 - 1988 RWTH Aachen, Study of architecture and sculpture
1988 – 1990 Project manager at the practice of Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Manfred Ludes
1990 Founding of the offices in Berlin an Halle
1991 Relocation of the central office to Berlin. Projects in all areas of Germany: Hospital buildings, Laboratories, Housing
since 1992 Architect and managing director, take-over of the practice with branches in Berlin, Halle an Dorsten. Further development of the practice towards one of the leading architecture and planning offices in Germany
Member of Association of German Architects (BDA) and the Architects for Hospitals and Healthcare Buildings of the BDA
2009 Launch of the practice branch in Munich